hi 70s, water, electrons, bounced mail

My outbound mail last night bounced again. Frustrating. Incomplete error messages. Goodbye Godaddy if I can’t get this fixed. Will use my UK vanity address for awhile (from Gandi, a clever French company). Or maybe try Apple iCloud (free) since I have 3 Apple products. Maybe free is better than vanity email addresses.
Too many choices. My inbound mail seems to work fine. Don’t find good stuff in spam box anymore!

Cloudy today with sprinkles. Hi feels around 74 but radio says more. Very mild all summer. I walked 10 miles and then waded in the lake to get electrons. Electrons and water make me feel more relaxed, supposedly the best antioxidant. Subtle but I can feel it – look up “earthing.” Water also improves foot health. I was wading 200 yards from the huge dam and generators as in the photo below. Amazing such a small device can produce so much electricity. Back in the old days Americans could make things. Nowadays they only know how to use toys made in China. USA faces a huge shortage of engineers and manufacturing corporations with well-paying productive jobs. Illegals add to demand but not supply of technology.


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