hi 80. No rain. Email bounces. Use Facebook?

Yesterday I tried to send a longer version of the mail below. I got a reply that says it bounced.

20 years ago email always worked. Nowadays email is getting flakier and flakier. You don’t know if the email arrived. If it does arrive then the format can be all screwed up. Half of what I get is not readable (tiny fonts, missing images, etc.)

I pay for an email address at Godaddy. It should not bounce. Will call.

I will have to examine my options. First, I will reduce emails since they don’t work well. Probably that is why people are going to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, reddit, etc.

Special purpose websites better format for particular topics and images. Facebook can afford huge computers that work better than free email services or even cable TV and local phone company emails. People care about Facebook more than email so it gets read and processed better. Email companies are tiny. Facebook is huge. I may go get on Facebook despite all the problems of Facebook.


Still mild weather with no rain. Holiday very crowded Beaches, parks, lakes, roads, theaters. Attached is a photo of my daily drive to the beach on the road at the bottom.


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