hi 77. stock market booming, but taxes not paid much under Obama

Cool summer temps 77/55 for a few days this week.

The attached charts show the stock market is booming. Dow Jones has quadrupled since 1994! Earnings are also at records. Corporate taxes paid are not at a high. Taxes paid are only double what they were in 1994! If corporations are doing so well, why can’t they pay more taxes?

Quantitative Easing has inflated the rich and their assets, so why can’t veterans get appointments at the VA hospitals? Why doesn’t Obama inflate veterans a little more after giving the rich so much?

Should Obama be impeached for not protecting the Mexico border, causing an influx of children from Latin America into the USA? (Children = 19 year old gangsters? prostitutes?). USA is being invaded! Why are politicians and the liberal news media so focused on Iraq Iran Syria etc while neglecting USA? Are they patriots? Should they be impeached? tried for treason?


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