Obama, electricity, coal. Fog

Instead of regulating coal plants, why not just turn off electricity 11pm-7am? Help people can get more sleep and quit wasting time watching TV. Also, give people a $33 per month quota of electricity. If People want more then install a solar panel or get an exercise bicycle and generate more electricity. (Air conditioning should be by solar panel.) Cap and trade: if some people need more than $33 electricity then let them buy it from people who use less than $33 per month of electricity. Like the Amish who don’t use electricity could make some money selling their electricity rights.

Amish do fine without electricity: average 7 children per family, large houses, low diseases, food self-sufficiency, no waste of tax money on government education, pre-school, welfare, junk food stamps, mortgages, etc. Most of USA population would be better off in an Amish lifestyle, especially poor minorities. Work to reduce electricity. Use mechanical power to get more exercise. Bring back sharecropping and mule teams — better than welfare, junk food, HIV AIDS, drugs, gangs, guns, prisons.


Lake Taneycomo 50 degree water causes fog around sunset late spring, daytime high 77 Lots of oxygen rain green plants


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