Obama horse fight climate change

Is Obama serious about fighting climate change? He could set a good example. But he is not doing anything except talk. He could:

Ground Air Force 1. Quit taking expensive vacations in Hawaii. Start riding a horse that does not need fossil fuels. Ground all the bureaucrats and make them use emails and video teleconferencing. Ground Kerry who is stirring up trouble in the Ukraine, etc.

Ban autos from Washington DC. Ban engines of all sorts. Require people to walk or bike or ride a horse.

Turn the electricity off at 7pm and enforce a curfew until daylight. This will not only reduce green-house gasses but also prevent Negroes from shooting at each other so frequently in our nations Capitol. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_Washington,_D.C.

Plant an urban forest. Replant most streets with grass or edible fruits, nuts, etc. Teach Negroes how to raise their own food instead of buying chemicalized, infected food expensively flown in from California, Mexico,… Negroes need more sun exposure from gardening than whites because their black skin needs more sun to produce enough Vitamin D.

Make Washington DC a showcase of how to fight climate change.

Obama needs to pull his head out of the sand and learn from the Amish. The Amish do not use engines or electricity. Good for health and good for the environment. Engines belch smog that kills people. Electricity fries brains and gonads. Both use fossil fuels


Climate change is here and will only worsen. Get used to more flooding, wildfires and drought, depending on where you live. Cities and states across America already are spending lots of money to respond. Those are the take-home messages of a new White House report released Tuesday that is part of President Barack Obama’s second-term effort to prepare the nation for the impacts of a changing climate such as rising sea levels and increasingly erratic weather. The National Climate Assessment update said evidence of human-made climate change “continues to strengthen” and that “Americans are noticing changes all around them.”


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