better email, blogs. reduce computer use

Great spring weather. I live in a deciduous forest so we get dramatic blossoming: dogwood, redbud, and pale green leaves all over. Very beautiful. I may have a lot of injuries, blisters and pains but I enjoy my 10 mile walk along the lake. I am going to be more cautious try to quit getting hurt so much (and get more paperwork done).

I am drinking water out of the lake, boiled. Tastes much better than city water that contains fluorine, chlorine and who knows what else.

I moved my org email back to 5 year contract seems to be the best and cheapest. I am setting up a related new blog on google to detail my plan to improve USA money banking, taxation, etc. Remarkably the google blog is free and seems to work ok so far. All this internet engineering stuff is tricky to setup right especially without formal training. But price is near zero and more powerful than ever before. Worth learning.

I finally checked my internet bandwidth use — it was only 10% of what I am paying for, an overpriced ripoff that I don’t like to support. I don’t use the internet very much. I have a huge backlog of real paper work and also a lot of computer work that does not need the internet much. I have been thinking of getting a google chromebook to use specifically for internet related activities. Chromebooks are cheap (subsidized by google) and can do a lot of modern work. The new HP comes with a free T-Mobile 4G cell phone connection for when wifi is not available. I could use that for email, banking, light use, and travel. Then go to school or Starbucks when I want to use wifi heavy downloads or something, like updating the computer. Rare.

I don’t watch movies, play video games, or do much with images except read news stories, and even those images do not help much. What the world needs is better text — like better laws, contracts, bank checks, prices…. A word is worth a thousand pictures. I finally bought a radio to follow news and jazz. I may even get a TV if I move to where TV service is available. We got 0 channels here. I thought internet was great in the early years – free and a wild west atmosphere. Now it is crowded, regulated, monitored, a pain and often a ripoff. Time to sell, reduce exposure and write a book on how to help others live without so much online risk and cost.

HP Chromebook 14″ with Intel Processor
4GB Memory
4G Mobile Internet Service (200MB/month)



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