Crimea secede from Ukraine? California secede from USA? Race War?

Bright sunny day. Got hot walking in the sun but air temp was cool. Snow on ground reflected sun on me. pix attached.

What do you think about Obama’s big reduction in military personnel and benefits? Will a big multi-cultural multi-sexual army be needed to scare Putin? Or would he laugh? If California secedes from the USA to rejoin the Mexican homeland would Obama maintain control of the Navy Properties in San Diego where many white people live? Is that similar to Putin trying to keep Crimea Navy properties where many Russians live? I wonder if negro voters can find Ukraine on the map? Should Obama use some of the military cutback money to improve education? Or is education a waste of tax money?
RECONQUISTA: MEXICO’S ATTEMPT TO ANNEX THE SOUTHWEST “what is now taking place in the American Southwest. This Hispanization is sometimes called the Reconquista. we will see a Chicano Quebec in the American Southwest. a ‘special relationship’ with Mexico . “Mexicans living in the U.S. should be able to vote in Mexico and here to protect their interests.” Reconquista: the Nation of Aztlán


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