Schiff, UCB investment schemes, Re: Deflation myth (before and after Central Banking)

He does not cite anything. He is just stringing together words to stampede gullible sheeple into giving him $250,000. As you learned in high school a citation must contain publisher, date, page, etc. Online cites are the URL link. The Statistical Abstract is online at
where on page it takes CPI back to 1950 not the 1800s he discusses. The Department of Commerce was not even organized until 1913. He needs to explain his data sources and calculations if there are any. Probably just total bullshit, spinning fiction to stampede gullible sheeple.

A fool is soon separated from his money. If this is all that takes to get an “investor’s” $250,000 then they deserve to lose it. Try getting audited statements of what past investors won or lost by gambling on those funds. Bad managers like dumb sheeple who cannot figure out how to compute inflation or investment returns because even if they lose half their investment the sheeple may still think they made money. What a racket! Been going on for centuries.

There are thousands of potential investments. Don’t waste time on junk. It took me a few seconds to see the flashing red stop signs on this one. wikipedia, google, and major news media are good for spotting the hominems to avoid. Don’t waste time reading anything by bad or suspect hominems.

Don’t read anything on the internet. Get the actual paper publications. It is essential to be able to determine if you are reading ads, pure junk, fiction, or science. Takes practice. Wannabes need to get at least a degree in finance, investments, CPA, CFA, or Actuary studies before trying to become investors. It is not a walk in the park. Takes work but reduces the chance you will be victimized by investment scams.

> Joe, are you disputing his cite from the Department of Commerce? > /Neither article mentions some very important historical context. For > the first 120 years of the existence of the United States (before the > establishment of the Federal Reserve), general prices trended > downward. According to the Department of Commerce’s Statistical > Abstract of the United States, the “General Price Index” declined by > 19% from 1801 to 1900. This stands in contrast to the 2,280% increase > of the CPI between 1913 and 2013./ >
> Honestly, Joe, I don’t see what you’re disputing, nor do I see any > “graphs or tables” that you might have furnished contradicting the > Commerce Dept’s abstract. In the past you have frequently used Fed > Reserve Charts that show the same thing – massive deflation before the > Fed, and massive inflation AFTER. Are you disputing that too, and if > so, then why do you even use those charts, I wonder?? >
> The remainder of your critique is simply Ad Hominem directed against > Mr. Schiff, or actually against his father. That’s just not > professional nor becoming of you, Joe. No, I won’t be gambling as you > suggest, but will be actively protecting my financial wealth and > well-being from rampant Fed-induced inflation that you seem incapable > of either seeing or thwarting. >
> BB


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