water physics for health. H2O H3O2 structure 4th phase. Move to Seattle for bio-engineering

Your muscles are batteries filled with water charged positive and negative, attraction is energy potential. 99% of your molecules are water. Water is essential to all functions of the cell. Water has a fourth phase between liquid and ice — vital for health, fills your body, H3O2. Fascinating research at U Washington by Professor Pollack. I listened to the video twice. Makes sense. Some notes:

Structured EZ water H3O2. Can be structured by infrared light and other light. Atoms organize themselves into H3O2 molecule is different completely than H2O. This structure is like ice, a crystal, excludes junk. Negative charge, water beyond is positive. Like a battery —
positive attracted to negative — means energy! Potential can be used. Light builds this structure, especially infrared. Hydrophylic protein EZ water H3O2. Very important for health.

Your cells are negative, filled with EZ water H3O2 except for urine, feces, perspiration that gets rid of protons positive charge. Your body gets rid of the positive charged waste. Oxidant gives positive charge. Antioxidant gives negative charge, like swimming in the ocean, maintains negative charge. Antioxidant good for health, get rid of positive charge.

Sauna is infrared radiation builds up H3O2 EZ water. Sunny Lubbock Texas is healthier.

Sun very important to health, lowers blood pressure, builds H3O2. Sun-tan bikini, feel better. Builds up H3O2 EZ water.

Go barefoot, wade at the beach. Earthing, grounding puts negative charge that builds H3O2. Earth is negative was widely known 60 years ago.

Capillaries are smaller than red blood cells, hard to squeeze red blood cells thru the capillaries — squeeze, bend red blood cells. Light is the driver of flow. Sunlight helps blood circulate.

Juicing fruits and vegetables, Juice is structured water H3O2. Eat watermelon. Good for health.

Espresso under pressure builds H3O2. Feel Good.

Spring water is under pressure builds H3O2. Glacial Melt is H3O2. Feel Good.

Legalize stills, pressure cookers to build H3O2 and improve health.

this fourth phase of water is called the exclusion zone or EZ is because the first thing Dr. Pollack’s team discovered is that it profoundly excludes things. Even small molecules are excluded from EZ water.

Surprisingly, EZ water appears in great abundance, including inside most of your cells.

Even your extracellular tissues are filled with this kind of water.

The Water in Your Cells Give Them Their Negative Charge

Other inherent differences between regular water and EZ water include its structure.

Typical tap water is H2O but this fourth phase is/not/H2O; it’s actually/H3O2/.

It’s also more viscous, more ordered, and more alkaline than regular water, and its optical properties are different.

The refractive index of EZ water is about 10 percent higher than ordinary water.

Its density is also about 10 percent higher, and it has a negative charge (negative electrical potential).

This may provide the answer as to why human cells are negatively charged.

Interview by doctor Mercola


The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

Professor Pollack takes us on a fantastic voyage through water, showing us a hidden universe teeming with physical activity that provides answers so simple that any curious person can understand. In conversational prose, Pollack relentlessly documents just where some scientists may have gone wrong with their Byzantine theories, and instead lays a simple foundation for understanding how changes of water structure underlie most energetic transitions of form and motion on Earth. Pollack invites us to open our eyes and re-experience our natural world, to take nothing for granted, and to reawaken our childhood dream of having things make sense.

Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, Dr. Gerald Pollack is an international leader in the field of water research. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. Since then, his research interests have ranged broadly over the scientific spectrum, from cardiac dynamics and electrophysiology, to muscle contraction, cell biology, and more recently to the role of water in nature.

Currently Dr. Pollack runs the Pollack Laboratory at the University of Washington, which focuses on uncovering some of nature’s most deeply held secrets. He is also the Editor-In-Chief of the scientific journal WATER, a multidisciplinary research journal that brings together water-oriented research from diverse disciplines.

Professor Pollack has earned many distinctions, medals, and honors. He was awarded the highest faculty honor bestowed by his university, the Annual Award Lectureship at the University of Washington, 2008.

Professor Pollack is in demand internationally as a catalytic lecturer.


Pollack Laboratory


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