Beach, Sunshine

Beach opens mid-May. Bright sunshine Vitamin D is very important to prevent MS, cancer, and many other diseases. Also take sulfur MSM pills from Walmart. Skin in sunshine converts cholesterol into cholesterol sulfate that is water soluble so the cholesterol can get to the brain and heart where it is needed. Also Vitamin D is water soluble too, so it gets around better. Map shows MS is much more common in the northern climates. I will probably move to Hawaii in a few years so I can go to the beach every day. Joe [image: Inline image 1] MS is predominately a disease of temperate latitudes and of the western hemisphere. Principally, it is a disease prevalent in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Although MS is found in Japan, China and some other temperate, eastern countries, it is very much rarer than it is in the West. Regions north of 40 degrees latitude have a markedly higher incidence than those south of this divide. Within Europe, Scandinavia, The British Isles, the Low Countries and Germany have very high rates. Canada, northern USA and New Zealand have an equivalently high prevalence. Within these areas, certain localities such as the border areas of Scotland (203 per 100,000), Crowsnest Pass in Alberta, Canada (217 per 100,000), the northern-most province of Sweden (253 per 100,000) and others have been found to have extremely high incidences of the disease. Multiple Sclerosis has long been known as an autoimmune disorder that affects more people living in the Pacific Northwest than in most other parts of the country, and the world. [image: Inline image 2] Jeff, > >

> > Enter the health topic of your choice in the “search” box and a bunch of > posts will come up. Or email me questions. > > I am back body-building and walking. Almost ran a marathon yesterday but > it was raining. > > Still working on reducing my carbos to nil, especially getting rid of > sugar. No gluten, no grains, no GMO. Moving to the “paleolithic” diet of > fishing and hunting (I live on a lake). > > No meat or eggs from “confined animal feeding operations” which is all > you can get in grocery stores, poison. > > Fermented foods very important. Lots of cheese, kefir, sour cream, sour > kraut, buttermilk, … any fermented vegetable or pork. Raw and cooked > vegetables important too. > > I just learned about most of this past 2 years from books and internet. I > had to go into reverse and do the opposite of what I have been doing. I > can really tell the difference. > > Saturated fat is very healthy. > > Joe > > > Hi Jeff here are a few of Joe’s emails concerning health. >> Joe I have Jeff’s email now:) I will have to send another email this >> outlook express will not let me leave this page. >> >> Brenda >> >> >> >> ** >> >> > >


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