no TV. Dell Windows versus Apple Macintosh Air lightweight laptops

I put my TV and furniture into storage because I do not use it any more. TV prices are dropping and it is tempting with the election and all, but I don’t have time. I prefer to read if I had the time.

The modern lightweight laptops may be just what your wife needs. That is all the computer most people need. They use SSD Solid State Disks so they are fast and don’t use up the battery as fast as mine that has a large mechanical disk drive and a DVD player. They have a keyboard so can type emails — I used to lay in bed with laptop on my chest and type emails (I started working on computers in my bed in 1973). It can do phone calls, video phone calls, texts, unlimited movies from Netflix or Amazon for $8 per month, regular word processing, etc. Better than an iPod but not as portable.

But, I still prefer a desktop with big screen and a big heavy duty high performance computer with lots of disks and addon stuffed inside. But most do not need that. Game players often need a bigger stronger computer too.

I found some reviews and as usual Dell Windows give you a lot more for the money than Apple. I was one of Dell’s first customers in 1986. I would try to stuff more RAM and a bigger SSD into it for a cheap performance increase but due to the Tsunami chip prices are high. Maybe after Xmas prices will be better. Prices dropping all the time.
The Dell XPS 13 compares favorably to both MacBook Air models, but offers a better value than the 11 inch MacBook Air for many consumers. the Dell XPS 13 offers a better value for most users over the same $999 priced 11 inch MacBook Air. Without sacrificing size or weight consumers get a larger screen and still maintain an impressive 6 hour battery life. The $999 Dell XPS has double the RAM and double the hard drive space when you compare it to the entry-level MacBook Air. This means better performance when multitasking and more room to store photos and files. The MacBook Air 11.6 priced at $999 won’t meet the needs of nearly as many users as the $999 Dell XPS 13.

Pensacola Fort Walton Destin might be a good zero income tax place to retire if it survives the hurricane.,_Florida

Located on Florida’s Emerald Coast, Destin is known for its white beaches and emerald green waters. Originating as a small fishing village, it is now a popular tourist destination

Branson is a great retirement area for Veterans but Missouri is a low tax state overall, … not a zero income tax state.


Branson Honors Veterans Every Day!

Tony Orlando in Branson MO
Tony Orlando performs at The Welk Resort Theatre in Branson

Branson, Missouri, may be America’s most veteran-friendly town. Branson salutes our veterans and active-duty armed forces year-round.

Their service, commitment and ultimate sacrifice is honored with multiple special events, warm welcomes and VIP treatment. Men and women veterans and active duty personnel from all branches and from all wars, conflicts and peacetime service are appreciated in the Branson/Lakes Area every day of the year.

In keeping with a long tradition of gratitude, many of the area shows recognize veterans, military personnel and their families through special patriotic musical numbers. Frequently the entire audience gives a resounding round of applause to say “Welcome Home” and “Thank You.” This commitment to honoring veterans can also be seen at area attractions, restaurants, museums and other businesses in a variety of ways.

Branson also hosts hundreds of military reunions. Visit our reunions list for an up-to-date directory of unit, platoon, ship and group reunions planned in Branson. Military reunion groups often say that Branson is their #1 destination of choice.

2012 Armed Forces Day Parade Application Form (.doc file)


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