Joplin mosque burns

My point is: why do we spend trillions of dollars to impose a White Jewish state in a Brown Muslim middle east while at the same time allow (encourage?) Brown Muslims to take over White Christian counties in the USA? This increases racial and religious frictions as well as costs a lot of money. Also large movements of populations is bad for the environment. A better idea is to keep the middle easterners in the middle east where they can solve their own problems. This would greatly reduce the dollar leakage from the USA economy. We are also causing global warming by shipping so many soldiers, reporters, diplomats, and drug dealers to and from the middle east. Those injured and traumatized will run up huge medical bills. If we can quit causing so many problems by middle east involvement some or all of the middle east problems may go away or at least we would not waste resources on insolvable problems.

Americans and middle easterners need to leave oil and coal in the ground and get out and walk around and talk to each other instead of building up animosities and burning fossil fuels in cars and planes and starting wars over oil. If we/they were riding horses and camels then the combatants would not be able to swim across the ocean to fight wars with each other. Need to cut government spending in the USA and middle east so that governments will quit wasting money and thereby causing so many problems.

Muslims are dangerous everywhere they interact with other peoples: India, China, Russia, Africa, Europe, USA, Philippines, Malaysia, Israel,… in recent news. Muhammed was a general who spread his religion by force. Jihad is part of their religion.
"A religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad … enjoined especially for the purpose of advancing Islam and repelling evil from Muslims."
In contrast, Jesus was peaceful, like Buddha before him

The difference is that the Japanese do not practice a religion which instructs them to hate and kill anyone who does not follow the Muslim belief. I don’t recall any stories, ever, of Japanese immigrants murdering their own family members for socializing with American males, becoming too "integrated into the west" or for just simply not following their Muslim beliefs. To talk as if Muslims have been sitting in a cave in Afghanistan growing roses and singing ’round a campfire while the US comes in from the skies raining hell, while a great thing to imagine, is ludicrous. I can admit that our foreign policy is no better and that they have every right to hate us. We screwed them royaly after helping them fight the Russians. There’s been a large grudge ever since. I digress.

My point is, while it may sound racist or hate-filled, a majority of Muslim faithed followers hate America, have been taught to since birth, and like the Mexicans, (and now much more rapidly, other immigrants as well) are refusing to assimilate into American culture, and instead wish to influence their own beliefs and criticize the same nation you say so willingly gave them such freedoms like that of religion and speech. You can see why so many patriotic men and women view this as disrespectful, I’m sure. As someone who may even be second generation yourself, to see others immigrate so disrespectfully may even offend you, does it not? If I ever move to another country, I’ll learn the language, the culture, and the customs. Not try to force my religion, culture, political views, and customs on their own people… Besides, that’s what our government and military is for!

Your racism is showing !
These middle easterners are suppose to be protected by our Constitution (Freedom of Religion) as well as otherwise !
The problem overseas are caused by us ! They normally have no problem, unless Israel/US want and do invade their countries !
Sure they are good fighters when they are defending their holy ground against foreign invaders.
But punishing the US Muslims, because of race, for their brothers overseas for defending their homeland, is showing how ignorant/racist our society still is.
No excuse for living in the mid-west of the USA !
One could also make a case of the ignorance with the Japanese in WW2!

I saw this. They should get the message that we don’t need middle easterners in USA white areas. They should go back to the middle east and fix their own problems. We don’t need their problems here. We don’t need them telling us how to run our country. We got enough problems here already, and more arriving daily. Multiculturalism is not a proven theory.

There must be someone around here who does not like the Muslims….


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